Referral Program

Referral Program

The Referral Program is simple. Sign up for the Referral program, get a personal referral link and use it to refer shippers for our online freight booking. When a referred shipper using the link registers and books, you’ll get INR 5000$100 USD for the first FCL Booking only.

Get Started - Referral Program

For Individual/Companies

- It will be paid in INRUSD using then prevailing exchange rate of the IDFC bank
- It will be paid after 100% of Freight Payment Collection.
- TDS will be deducted at 5% before the payment is released.

- We will be deducting approprite Bank charges.

Where to use the Referral Link

- In your email signature. Please check your company policies for this
- On your LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or other social websites
- WhatsApp, Snapchat to your contacts
- Email the link selectively to your know shippers



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